Silver Linings Podcast

4588-croppedAre you 50+? Working a “9 to 5” but thinking about trying something more challenging and fulfilling? Starting your own business perhaps? Maybe you’ve retired already and are looking for a new purpose in life. Would you like to follow a passion and make money doing it?

If you’re on this path or just love hearing inspiring stories about folks 50+, join us for Silver Linings, my new podcast on Inspired News Radio! During each weekly episode, I interview business owners who’ve already taken the plunge and started new businesses after the age of 50. Listen to their stories, find out what led them to start their businesses, hear their advice and lessons learned. It will be time well spent!

Click here to go to my personality page where you can find links to episodes that have already been released. New episodes premiere each Wednesday at 1 pm CT! Check out this week’s schedule here! Watch my short interview here with the wonderful Scott Sullivan. He and his amazing wife Susan Sullivan founded Inspired News Radio to deliver “Positive Programs to the World Designed to Inspire, Inform, Educate, and Motivate”!