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Are you actively marketing your business on social media?  The process involves more than simply posting on Facebook or Twitter.  You want to build relationships with your prospective clients/customers so you can then market your services/products to them. 

A social media strategist/manager (that’s me!) can assess what you are doing now, what audience you need to be reaching, where and when they spend time on social media and what they want to see you post.  You have the potential to reach your target audience organically (for free!) but you can also use paid advertising. 

Take a look at the statistics below.  There are a HUGE number of people on social media. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!  Let’s get started today! 

Schedule a 30 minute, no obligation PHONE CALL with KG’s Creatives! Just fill out the contact form or send me an email at I’ll be in touch! 


                             4.2 billion of 7.5 billion                  2.2 billion of 4.2 billion

Active Monthly Instagram Users: 1.0 billion 

Active Monthly Twitter Users: 335 million

        (Sources: U. S. Census Bureau, Dec. 2018; Statista, Oct. 2018; Statista, Oct. 2018;                       Social Media Examiner, May 2017)         



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